April 7 2017

Sight & sound @ Beaufort Castles

For the season opening and for two consecutive nights, the walls of the medieval Castle serve as a stage for a nightime show which is a celebration of sight and sound. The archaeological remains of the huge building is a backdrop for a three-pieces giant breathtaking light & video show and a stage for the original musical performances.
The MagiCastle Nights project uses video projection mapping technology in live, the stones of the walls and structures fade into the scenes and the screened images envelop the viewers and whisk them off to a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience.
The MagiCastle Nights project is for everyone. People from Luxembourg and abroad, families and friends; come and share this festive event together with a drink.

Music :
9pm Sun Glitters (electronica)
9.45pm All Reitz Reserved (electric violin)
10.30pm Man'Ok & Pierrick Grobéty (double bass & percussion) creation

Video :
Melting Pol & Sandy Flinto
Sun Glitters

Lights & technique :

free entrance
no language barrier

beer & wine stands


Debuting in 2011 the Luxembourg musician Sun Glitters has quickly left a mark on the electronic music scene. Sun Glitters sound is an ocean of lush melodies, pitch-shifted vocal samples, ghostly digi-diva choirs, warm bass melodies driven by alternately dense and relaxing beat work combinations.

All Reitz Reserved
is Chris Reitz’ first instrumental solo project. The sounds of his electric violin are altered, delayed, distorted and looped. His project has different musical influences, combining the sounds of his violin and samples in a live context. Since 2013 he played in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Man’Ok & Pierrick Grobéty
The doublebass player Man'ok has developed a singular language through the years, making the difference between experimentation and prepared music. The preparation paradoxically leaves more freedom: by forsaking it, the musician can walk off the beaten track.
Pierrick Grobéty is a drummer, his artistic background is between tradition and experimentation.
Today he stages his sound environment for the performing and contemporary art. He works with instruments designed by himself and for a specific project.
After the successful collaboration for the ten years of the Mudam both musiciens continue to develop their way of working together.

Melting Pol & Sandy Flinto
Melting Pol is a pioneer of the « veejaying » art . Since then he creates his own audiovisual shows and is following the new trend: the videomapping. During his live performances, he literally dresses up the screens, buildings and all kind of 3D-objects.
Sandy Flinto is a pluri-disciplinary artist. She follows her own path between visual and performing arts. Her leitmotiv is experimentation including all different types of artistic expression. Depending on the circumstances, she adapts techniques, sizes and means of expression.
Their commun point is the collaboration with musiciens and artists from different backgrounds. Together they combine the visual environment with the acoustic dimension.
Beaufort Castles (L)
07.04 2017
08.04 2017
Video by Sandy Flinto & Melting Pol
Music by SunGlitters, All Reitz reserved, Pierrick Grobéty & Man'Ok