October 15 2023

In an all-new immersive experience, Chris Reitz, aka All Reitz Reserved is presenting a new interpretation of ELEMENTAL, an audiovisual journey mirroring the scenic impressions gathered while travelling the wild natural landscapes of Iceland in 2022.

The musical composition will be mixed by Unison Studios’ Tom Gatti and spatialized and upmixed to a 3D Full Dome experience by Cedric Fischer. More than 20 Loudspeakers all around the Ballroom will recreate a unique, enveloping and evolving soundscape all around the room.

ELEMENTAL conveys memories and experiences of a revery of the North, synching recordings and electronic music with visual fragments captured by Sam Flammang on the same trip. The images will be adapted, remixed and mapped on the unique architectural identity of Unison Studios by visual artist Melting Pol to invite the audience to discover a combination of the artistic vision from the three artists. A naturalistic and impressionistic exploration of nature alike.
1535°C - Unison Studio
15.10 2023
Melting Pol
All Reitz Reserved
Sam Flammang