October 13 2019
LS 1535

"LS 1535" (Light sculpture 1535) is a commun work together with light sculptor TTLeozolt who built the complete installation thing and Melting Pol, who is doing the fixture programming and the video-mapping content. TT Leozolt is Melting Pol's guest artist for the annual "open doors" event of the "1535°C Creative Hub" in october.

This video-mapping installation (2x2m) which is build with 400 Pyramids of different heights printed with a 3D printer. Each Pyramid has 4 RGB chips, so we have 1600 chips (4800 channels)! The installation is running and controlled with both Fixture via Artnet and front projection mapping with madmapper of course ! With the fixtures we can have 4 independent layers when we use the chips in the pyramids individually. We have only 20x20(x4) pixels with the fixtures, but with the projection, we can use one picture over all, which makes also an interesting effect. Of course, we have mapped the 4 sides of the 400 pyramids individually (1600 surfaces) ....well, you can(not) imagine the infinite possibilities we have with this "VJ-mapping toy" ;)

On kickstarter, you'll find some more information about the object

On google drive, you can find some videos
1535°C - Creative Hub, Differdange (L)
13.10 2019
01.01 2020
Sculpture : Leonid Zoltan
Programming : Melting Pol